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The Turkish leather industry has a history dating back more than 500 years. The sector’s production is based on a combination of two assets; modern technology and historical background. Today, the sector is known worldwide with its well-designed and fashionable products.

Although initial efforts to modernize the leather industry began in the 70s, significant progress on a real industrial scale began in the mid-80s. The sector has shown rapid progress in recent years. Today, production is made in line with the international standards and great importance is attached to environmentally-friendly production policies – about 90% of the production is based on health and environmental standards.



Technological advancements in the sector, which are a must for a competitive industry, are increasing rapidly. Today, the Turkish leather sector exports its own technology.

The Turkish leather wear industry produces the finest women and men leather garments. Most of the big companies in the sector produce original collections with their own brand names. The sector creates its own fashion by using an unsurpassed blend of colors, patterns, manufacturing care and quality materials. Thanks to these traits of the sector, Turkish leather wear products have a good reputation and are appreciated all over the world.



The leather industry is one of the significant export sectors of Turkey. Sector’s annual export value was around US$ 1 594 million in 2018 and its share in total exports of Turkey was nearly 0.95%. The most important item exported by the leather industry was footwear with a share of 56% in total leather goods exports in 2018. The leather industry has gained global fame and many factories specialize in importing handbags from Turkey.




Turkey’s footwear industry has developed at a rapid pace due to modern manufacturing processes, the availability of major quality raw materials, skilled workers and high design capacity. Today the Turkish footwear industry has a strong position among exporters of high quality fashion goods. Another sign of positive development is the increase in foreign investments in the sector.

It is obvious that the footwear industry is extremely dependent on the leather industry of Turkey. The Turkish leather industry, which has a history of 500 years, is becoming a leading center in the world leather industry. The Turkish leather industry, which occupies a prominent place in the Turkish economy, continues to develop day by day by combining new technology and its historical background.

Although the initial efforts to modernize the leather industry began in the 70s, significant progress at a real industrial scale began in the mid-80s. The sector produces according to international standards and is becoming more sensitive to health and the environment – about 90% of the production is based on health and environmental standards.  

Leather is one of Turkey’s leading export sectors. The export figure of the leather sector (including footwear) for 2018 was about US$ 1.5 billion. 



The shoe industry, which began to appear as a small-size industry in 1950, is a well-developed industry now. Especially in the 1980s, significant investments in machinery parks were made and now, over 15% of the sector has completed its industrialization process. About 70% of the production in the sector is carried out by semi-mechanized production processes and almost 15% of production is hand-made.

Turkey’s shoe production reached more than 360 million pairs in 2018, including sneakers, boots, plastic shoes and slippers. Almost 50% of the total number of companies is active in Istanbul. Konya, Gaziantep, İzmir, Ankara, Manisa, Hatay are other important shoe manufacturers in Turkey.

The footwear sector relies on Turkish-made shoe production machinery, as well as shoe parts. The share of the shoe parts industry in the total shoe industry production is around 5% and production is quite diversified. The soles, heels, casting molds and the welt of the shoes are exported.

The military boots, work and safety shoes production in Turkey have developed significantly in recent years. These sectors make production according to international standards, and shoes with the CE mark are exported to European countries.

The footwear sector closely follows the latest trends in the fashion world. Shoe manufacturers in Turkey prepare their own collections for every season according to fashion trends both in Turkey and the world.



Today the Turkish footwear sector has the capacity of creating its own brands and fashion. The performance of the sector largely depends on exports. The Turkish shoe sector had an export value of US$ 887.4 millions in the year 2018.  

Major markets for the Turkish made shoes in 2018 were Russian Federation, Iraq, Germany, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Italy.






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